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Video Production  I can help you create great videos with the footage you've got. I specialize in finding and telling stories using your existing content (video, audio, photographs). I provide production assistance in the following areas:
  • Script development
  • Narrative arc development for unscripted projects
  • Research: background, archival, literature reviews, and source material summaries
  • Video editing (interviews, b-roll, montage, complex storytelling or basic transitions and titles)
  • Production workflow (logging and assembling significant amounts of footage)
Types of Video Projects We Work On
  • Documentary: essayistic, news-style, Cinéma Vérité, archival (expository documentary)
  • ​Youtube Videos (organizations, lectures and interviews, explainer-type channels)
  • Story-driven Marketing and Promotional
  • Recital videos for Music Instructors
  • Personal Projects (family legacy, autobiographical, estate records, college applications)
Rates and Estimates  Rate is negotiable depending on how quickly you need the project completed, the size of the project and the degree of complexity. I offer flat fee, hourly and retainer pricing to meet a range of project needs.
Estimates for editing work are based on the following considerations:
  • Length of finished video
  • A review of your raw footage
  • Scripted versus unscripted project
  • The complexity of the required edits (i.e., does the project require basic editing (simple assembly with transitions) or more complex construction to achieve a particular narrative style or structural goal?)
  • Production value and final distribution (web, TV broadcast, theatrical)
  • Turnaround time (How fast do you need this completed and delivered?)
Production assistance (research and writing or logging of footage) is billed at an hourly rate.
**Blocks of time can be reserved several months in advance by a nonrefundable retainer.
Tools I Use
  • Final Cut Pro X
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • After Effects
  • iMac
Link to my demo reel upon request.
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